Seoul Searching!

I found out about this amazing contest called “Sell Your Seoul”. Basically, it’s an amazing opportunity to visit Seoul, Korea and have your trip documented by video and write about it.. what could be more perfect?

Here’s my entry:

Hi, I’m Gina Zammit. I am a travel writer, occasional blogger and host of the online TV show Wine and Food in Motion. I found out about the ‘Sell Your Seoul’ opportunity from a friend’s blog and thought I would be perfect for this project!

Most of my writing was done for AAA Traveler Magazine, and being that I was laid off, I definitely have the time to dedicate to this trip!

Being a travel writer, it is very difficult to admit that I haven’t been abroad (yet). Apparently, you don’t always have to travel somewhere to write about it (although I beg to differ!). I also haven’t been on a plane in over year (ouch!). This trip would be my first to Asia, of course, and since I have the dream of traveling to all 7 continents (yes, even Antarctica), this would check one off my list!

You should pick me because I’m fun, adventurous and outgoing and most of my friends describe my personality as extremely dynamic and captivating. I love trying new things and I’m not afraid to go outside of my comfort zone (even if it means eating worms). And, I pack light (haha just kidding!).

A few fun facts about me: My father was born in Hamrun, Malta and I have recently applied for dual citizenship there (I’m working on a planning a trip there too!). I smile when I’m nervous, so I look great on camera! My greatest accomplishments thus far are dancing for 48 hours straight (no sitting, no sleeping) to help raise over $5 million for pediatric cancer and helping to rebuild a home destroyed by Hurricane Rita in Lake Charles, Louisiana. My biggest fear in life is looking back when I’m 85 and saying “I should have ..”.

A few years ago, I participated in a survival trip on the uninhabited barrier islands in South Carolina that included 20 nautical miles of sea kayaking per day and no showers or bathrooms, so I’m sure I can handle anything that “Selling my Seoul” will entail!


3 thoughts on “Seoul Searching!

  1. Hi,

    Your blog came up when I was googling Hamrun, Malta. My grandmother is from there and I am trying to research her family….nearly impossible….anyway. I enjoyed looking at your log! Love the B.Boys reference. ( : I would love to see what you think of Malta upon your return!

  2. Hey Jessica! Thanks for reading! And that’s where my dad is from, Hamrun. He moved to New York when he was a kid.. it’s so funny to meet another Maltese person! I actually have never been to Malta (crazy, I know) but I’m hoping to within the next couple of years and will definitely write about it when I do!

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