Hello, World. No Sleep till Brooklyn.

Sign from the Williamsburg Bridge

Welcome to my new site!  Here you’ll find posts about Brooklyn and the other boroughs, of course, as well as food and wine, fashion, travel and anything else that interests or inspires me along the way.

Where Brooklyn at?  Greenpoint.  And I’m loving it!

Crossing the bridge over from Manhattan wasn’t a difficult decision.  I wanted to give myself a fresh perspective and explore a new section of my favorite city.  It was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time.  Greenpoint is one of the coolest and most unique ‘hoods in NYC and every day I find something new about it I like. Jay-z, Larry David, Woody Allen and even my alma’s mater famous football coach, Joe Paterno all hail from Brooklyn, so, to say the least, I’m in good company.

So, again, welcome!  I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if not, in the words of one of Brooklyn’s finest, forgetta bout it!


3 thoughts on “Hello, World. No Sleep till Brooklyn.

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