Undergound Lobster Pound

After hearing about a Greenpoint local serving up delicious lobster rolls out of his apartment from a favorite blog of mine, I decided to check out the Underground Lobster Pound for myself. I was working at the time, so I had to call upon a nice (and cute) volunteer to arrange the transaction.

I will admit that part of the appeal of this UGLP is in its secrecy.  Upon getting the proprietor’s contact information, you are instructed to order via text or a phone call and to wait by a red wall.  Then a person emerges from an undisclosed location toting several tiny brown bags, introduces himself as Ben and asks how many rolls you ordered.  We learned the hard way that you need exact change (although tipping is encouraged, I’m sure).  After that, you part ways and begin your journey into what can only be described as lobster heaven.

The rolls are covered in aluminum foil and are packaged in a hotdog sleeve.  The first thing you will notice is how big the chunks of lobster are.  So big, in fact, that you can see entire claws still intact.  Very little mayonnaise is used in the recipe and the bun is a traditional toasted hot dog bun.  The roll itself is crispy and buttery and each of the individual flavors can be tasted and savored in each bite.  I chose to serve this meal Brooklyn Lager.  It pairs really well and in the name of all things local, seemed most appropriate for a hot and humid holiday weekend.

I would definitely recommend trying one of Ben’s lobster rolls, but, sadly, he has moved onto greener pastures (or bluer waters) and is now hosting Hook, Line & Dinner on The Cooking Channel.


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