Pickle Back

I experienced a little urban phenomenon this week – The Pickle Back – a shot composed of whiskey and pickle juice.  Apparently I’ve been living under a rock in Brooklyn because  my friend Kelly was horrified that I had never had one and promptly ordered 2 from the bartender at JWT (ad agency bars are so much fun!).  We were then given 2 shot glasses each – one filled to the brim with Jameson and the other with spicy pickle juice from Brooklyn Brine.

I was slightly nervous to try this concoction because, truth be told, I am not the biggest whiskey fan.  Kelly assured me that I would like it though, so I gave it a shot..

To say it masks the flavor completely is a lie.  I still had the stinging effect of the whiskey in my throat (although it could’ve been from the spice in the brine) and definitely tasted the alcohol, but if you’re a fan of pickles and whiskey, it’s not a bad option (and from I’ve heard, pickle juice battles dehydration, so your stomach and head will thank you the next morning).

Bottoms up!


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