Brooklyn gets some Seoul

Suffice it to say, I’ve been absent from the blogging world.  Summer always tend to be a little crazy, but this summer I’ve been particularly busy.  Since I attended a TBEX event last night (and had the honor of meeting Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel legend), I figured it’s a great time to update.

What did I do on my summer vacation?  I sold my Seoul.

After entering the Sell Your Seoul contest last fall (thank you so much to everyone who voted!), I won a trip to Seoul, Korea and realized a lifelong dream of finally traveling abroad.

What was it like?  A crazy and amazing whirlwind trip!

The whole purpose of the trip was to promote American travel to Korea. The only “catch” was, in exchange for our stay, we (4 hosts including myself) were filmed during our entire trip and expected to write about our adventures on the Sell Your Seoul campaign’s website. I’m used to cameras, but being followed for 8+ hours a day (with an entourage) was definitely a new experience.  As a result, we were treated like celebrities the entire time and like royalty most of the time.  The locals were so nice, the landscape was gorgeous, the food was delicious (I did decline live octopus though, sorry Mr. Zimmern) and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing and advanced the technology is there – they have cars that drive themselves!

So, what now?  Well, I’m back in Brooklyn and I’m really looking forward to what’s ahead in the coming months.  Fall is my favorite season.  There’s just something magical about New York this time of year, when the temperature drops just a bit, pumpkin spice lattes return, college football is back, and the dread of snow still very far off in the horizon.   I have to say, this summer has been one of the best I’ve had in a very long time, and there are a lot of people I would like to thank for that, but I’ll just say what I said on Twitter – Summer 2010, thank you kindly.  Onto the next season, and Let’s Go State!!

To check out more of my travel videos visit herehere and here.


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