Roller Aid

There is a place in my neighborhood that I love more than anything else, and it’s my pharmacy – which I have dubbed, Roller Aid.

Housed in a building that was formerly a movie theater and roller rink, this is by far the best Rite Aid on earth.

At first glance, Roller Aid looks like a normal drug store.  But, as you enter and cascade down the concealed ramp, your eyes become fixated two things – the large circular room you’ve stumbled upon and the GIANT disco ball on the ceiling.

It may be the best accident to ever happen, and it is a major tourist attraction for my visitors. The New York Times wrote an interesting article about these mysterious and intriguing transformations, including another sight in Greenpoint – the marquee-d Starbucks, also on Manhattan Avenue.

It seems though, that its days may be limited.  There are rumors that Roller Aid may once again become a Roller Rink, but I can only hope that the building will remain intact and my favorite shampoo will be still be sold there..


2 thoughts on “Roller Aid

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