Brooklyn Brew Cake

Brew Cake

A few months ago (despite living just a few blocks away), I finally took a class at The Brooklyn Kitchen.

It was a cake decorating class taught by Katie Robinson (who you may remember from two Food Network cake challenges).   At the start of the class, we were given a cake decorating kit (pastry bags and pipes, a Brooklyn Kitchen-branded icing scraper, a metal spatula, and an instruction manual) and practiced several basic techniques: rosettes, beading, shells, reverse shells and vines.

After we mastered the techniques, we were each given a small round vanilla cake to decorate.  I was having some trouble deciding what to do with it until a nice gentlemen offered everyone in the class a Brooklyn Lager.  I accepted, of course, and my cake inspiration was found.

I was happy how the cake turned out, so I sent in a photo to Brooklyn Brewery and it was chosen as photo of the day!

So, if you’re culinarily challenged or just want to learn more techniques in the kitchen, I definitely recommend taking a class at Brooklyn Kitchen.  I plan of going back for a much-needed knife skills class!

Katie Robinson

Katie Robinson

The Brooklyn Kitchen Cake Class


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