Birds of a Feather

I decided to jump on the trend wagon and get feather extensions.  I love how summery and bohemian they are and, despite the placement right in front of my hair, are pretty subtle.

I was really excited to find them on Ebay, because according to this article, there is a national shortage.  The feathers are harvested from roosters who have their own “apartments” (their digs sound better that mine) and typically used in fly fishing.  The onset of this trend has driven the price, so both fishermen and fashionistas are unhappy.  I myself was a little frustrated when I purchased a deal from Daily Candy, only to find out the salon had run out of feathers completely.

What do you think?  Should tackle shops stop selling to hair salons and “fashionable” individuals?  Or after the trend fades should we take out the feathers and go fishing?


One thought on “Birds of a Feather

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