Fall Favorites Pt. 1

To celebrate my favorite season, I’ve decided to compile a (semi) weekly list of my favorite things of the moment.  This first one is in honor of Halloween.

Sleep No More – A live, interactive and dark telling of Shakespeare’s MacBeth.  Set in the 1930’s at The MicKittrick Hotel, it is housed in 2 former Chelsea warehouses.  Guests of the hotel are allowed to run around all 6 floors, open drawers, sample candy, pick up phones (with dial tones!) – nothing is off limits.  It will excite, thrill and at times, terrify you.  During your 3-hour stay, you may be pulled into a room by one of the actors, witness a murder or, if you’re lucky, sip an unidentified cocktail with the speakeasy bartender. The only rules? You must wear a white, Venetian-style mask and all times and remain silent. After the show, don’t forget to have a glass of absinthe or champagne in the lounge and listen to some 30’s style jazz.

Diamond Candles –  When the temperature starts to dip, the first thing I like to do is light a candle in my apartment in a warm fall scent.  This year I’m burning a delicious Pumpkin Chai-scented Diamond Candle. Made from 100% soy, these candles last a long time (125-160 hours), are eco-friendly, smell wonderful, and, best of all, inside every candle is a ring worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5000! Not bad for $25 (plus $5 for shipping).

Warby Parker glasses- Boutique style frames (including lenses) for just $95! Take your Halloween costume to the next level with their Harry Potter-esq frames, or if you’re brave enough, rock a monocle! For a more wearable, everyday look, go with my personal favorite – the Miles in Hazelwood.  Stock up on a few different styles if you can, because for every pair of Warby Parker glasses or sunglasses that you buy, another pair is donated to someone in need. In addition to helping someone restore their vision, WP has a really cool trial program. Order 5 frames that you like through the site, try them out for 5 days, then send them back at no cost to you.  If you live in the NYC area, they have a showroom in Manhattan as well as their entire collection on display at Bird in Williamsburg.

Icelandic Cooking – Unleash your inner pyro this Halloween by making a traditional Icelandic dish.  I was not familiar with Nordic cooking at all until recently when I took a class at the Ger-Nis Culinary & Herb Center.  I imagine with the cold climate, Icelanders must love using a big fire to cook dinner on most nights because during the class we lit just about everything on fire – hay, wood sorrel, (shamrocks), rye bread and pine. The dish pictured (sorry – blurry camera phone photo!) is hay smoked arctic char (I used salmon) and celery root purée with wood sorrel ash and pickled pearl onions. Delicious, different and a lot of fun to make. I recommend doing the hay smoking on a fire escape or in your backyard to avoid any real Halloween nightmares. Get the recipe here.

Whoopie Cream from Farmhouse Fresh – This is hands down, the  BEST moisturizer I have ever used.  It’s made of 90% all natural ingredients, including jojoba and soybean oil, is paraben, sulfate and gluten free, and is 100% vegan.  This body cream leaves my hands feeling soft for hours and the vanilla frosting scent is so good, you’ll leave the Halloween candy for the kids.
Warm apple cider – This is the first year I anticipate having trick-or-treaters at my house in a long time. While waiting for the little masked darlings to arrive, I plan on making a treat for myself – warm apple cider with cinnamon and nutmeg. If the weather is as cold as predicted, I’ll add an extra treat (dark rum) as well. It’s a nice reminder of my yearly outing to the apple orchard and is a lot more portable than apple pie (unless you make these).

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