Fall Favorites, Pt. 2

Just in time before I leave for my vacation in China, here’s a list of my favorite things of the moment:

The Metropolitan Opera – I’ve been wanting to see a live opera performance for quite some time, and thankfully, a few weeks ago, I got the opportunity.  The performance we saw was Il Barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville), a comedy sung completely in Italian. Once the lights dimmed, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I love watching foreign films (especially French), but without subtitles I wasn’t sure I would feel the same way.  Thankfully, at the Met, English subtitles are displayed on the screen in front of each seat.  It turns out, though, that I could have gone without the help because the story was fairly easy to follow, and I recognized a lot of the music (I think I owe my thanks to the original Looney Tunes).

I really enjoyed the performance. I think opera maintains its elegance because it perfectly toes the line between being a caricature of itself and taking itself too seriously. The humor in the show is still relevant today (it was written in 1816) and in fact, at some points during the performance, I could compare the Barber’s inflated ego to that of some very well known reality stars.

Jouer Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner in Sable – from Birchbox. I must say, I haven’t been impressed by every product I’ve tried from this company, but this eyeliner (which can also be used as a cream eye shadow) has made me a Jouer believer.  The formula (like most of their products) is paraben-free and is infused with vitamins A and E. Unlike most liquid liners, that, for me, take a while to get the hang of, this one glides on easily and has a longer drying time (which makes it easy to fix mistakes). Truthfully though, this liner is really forgiving, so you probably won’t make many mistakes, even if you’re a liner neophyte. The shimmery lilac shade is suited for a wide variety of different eye and skin colors and was inspired by the makeup on Mad Men (so excited for its return in March!).

My new camera! The Canon s100 – A complete upgrade from the popular s95, this camera has so many great features, making it more like a tiny SLR (without the extra lenses to lug around). This camera is durable, has a pop up flash and can shoot RAW files. I’m most excited to try out the fisheye and toy camera modes. So far, I’m really impressed with how it shoots, especially its ability to capture a small depth of field (to view some of my photos click here) and I can’t wait to see what my pictures will look like in China.

Cable knit sweaters – Although the weather outside has been far from frightful, I can’t imagine that 50 degrees days will continue to grace us for much longer. So, in anticipation of the winter chill (and my 1st official winter in New England), I’ve been stocking up on warm and cozy sweaters.  I picked up this one (a fisherman’s sweater!) from Urban Outfitters to keep me toasty while exploring China and during the holidays.
edible BrooklynThe Cookbook – After 7 years of compiling recipes from Brooklyn’s best chefs, mixologists, chocolatiers and rooftop gardeners, the editors of edible Brooklyn magazine finally released a cookbook. The recipes in this book span from old Brooklyn standbys like the infamous egg cream to daring culinary creations like kimchi rice and eggs. I doubt that I will make foie gras-stuffed quail any time soon (moral reasons aside), but what makes this cookbook interesting are the stories written about each of the 100 recipes – focusing on the ingredients and their significance to chef and the borough. There are anecdotes about how King’s County eats, cooks and shops and a map of what Brooklyn looked like over 100 years ago. The pride behind each chef of for their borough is clear, and I definitely share their praises. You can take the girl out of Brooklyn..

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