Christmas (Play)List

Hey everyone! I’m back (somewhat) unscathed from China and ready to dive into the holiday season. For the last couple of years, the “season” leading up to Christmas has been somewhat of a burden – last minute gift buying and little to no decorating (dragging a tree in NYC even a few blocks is even harder than it sounds).

I’ll admit a lot of my frustration is pure bitterness. Every year a new holiday commercial seems to encroach itself a little further into my favorite season, autumn. Ideally, I’d like to rein in the holiday madness to a much more manageable six-week period, but alas, it seems my efforts are futile.

That doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of the holidays. In fact, I have always loved Christmas music – particularly the classics (full disclosure – I have always wanted to record a Christmas album myself). However, as much as I love belting out All I Want for Christmas Is You while watching Love Actually, listening to the same music year after year can get a little stale.

So, here is my attempt to liven up your holiday party playlist with 11 lesser known songs that will still get your guest to guzzle spiked eggnog with the same fervor – and maybe learn some sweet new dance moves (video below).

  1. Tiny Tree Christmas – Guster
  2. Christmas in Hollis – Run DMC
  3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Barenaked Ladies
  4. Winter Moon – Mindy Gledhill
  5. Just Like Christmas – Snow Patrol
  6. Candy Cane Children – The White Stripes
  7. Badly Drawn Boy – Donna and Blitzen
  8. Got Something For You – Best Coast, Wavves
  9. You’ll Never Find My Christmas – Bishop Allen
  10. It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas – Pet Shop Boys
  11. The Peppermint Twist – Joey Dee & The Starliters

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