Winter (Skin) Woes

If you have dry skin like me, wintertime can wreak havoc on your complexion. Drinking plenty of water and using a humidifier (or placing a water filled pot on your radiator daily) in your home is especially important during the winter months because the cold, arid air can zap your skin of its natural moisture completely. Adding extra moisture to the air can also keep you healthy – it speeds up recovery time should you get sick and can ward off sinus infections and colds.

Just as your wardrobe changes throughout the seasons, your skin care routine should as well. Layering hydrating skin products, just as you layer on clothes before you go outside, can help keep your skin looking fresh and dewy all season long.

The four major areas of focus (this goes for oily skin as well) for proper winter skin care are the following:


  • Properly moisturizing your skin begins here. If you use a cleanser that irritates or dries out your skin, it will be a lot harder to put moisture back in.
  • During this time of year, I like using a milk cleanser instead of a face wash.  If your usual cleanser doesn’t bother your skin, by all means continue to use it, but make sure to avoid bar soap!


  • Since your skin repairs itself while you sleep, the best time to exfoliate is in the morning. Using an exfoliating scrub is the quickest way to brighten your skin (for a DIY body scrub, check out my post here). However, make sure you don’t over-exfoliate!
  • Using a dime size amount, scrub your face in a circular motion for no more than 30 seconds and rinse, with lukewarm, not hot water.
  • Exfoliating a few times a week should be enough to remove any dead skin cell build-up. If you have really sensitive skin or rosacea, you may want to skip a scrub altogether and just use a washcloth instead.


  • After exfoliation, it’s time to treat your skin. In the morning, I like to start off with a few sprays of Evian Mineral Water, followed by Mario Basdecu’s Vitamin C serum and then finish with a day cream.
  • For makeup, I skip foundation and use a BB Cream that I bought in China. Since it’s water based (more than 60%), it also helps to promote and retain hydration throughout the day.
  • At night, after removing any makeup with extra virgin olive oil, I use the After-Party Repair cream from Kaia House.


  • Last, and maybe most important, finish with sunscreen. If your moisturizer or foundation is equipped with SPF 15 you’re all set, if not, make sure you use a sunscreen daily.
  • Just as you have to reapply your sunscreen several times during the day in the summer, if you plan on doing any outdoor activities – skiing, snowboarding, tubing or even sledding, make sure you bring along your sunscreen and reapply every few hours
  • It’s important to note, for those who don’t think using sunscreen is important in the winter, that if you’ve ever experienced a”windburn” it’s not caused by the wind at all – it’s actually a sunburn.

By following this regimen, you skin should look and feel younger and brighter. Let it snow!


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