Bad Hair Day Tips

Matthew Jordan Smith shoot

When you love something, it doesn’t always love you back. As you read in this post, keeping your hair healthy, vibrant and shiny can be a little tricky, especially this time of year (even with an extra bit of love). Unexpected showers creeping up during the day and the humidity level rising can leave your hair looking frizzy and unkempt.

If you’re stuck with unruly hair, there’s no need to stress about looking good for an interview, date or other social activity. Here are a few instant savers that have really helped me on rainy and humid days.

Wear a hat – Ok, so this option may seem like just a cover up (pun intended) but there are so many cute and trendy hats available right now, I’ve needed excuses not to wear them. If wearing a hat isn’t appropriate, try a headband instead.

Use bobby pins – From pinning back uncooperative bangs to securing a sleek pony tail, there’s a reason why these basic tools have had such lasting power. And, because they’re so inexpensive, you can afford to keep a stash at work, in your car and at home and avoid any possible hair emergencies.

Argan Oil – I’ve been using this product for about a year now, mostly at night as a deep conditioner. On days when my hair needs extra hydration, I use it on dry hair to smooth away any flyaways and frizz. Run a pea sized amount through your hair and you’ll instantly see results.

mark. Curl Goddess Curling Mist – If you have curly (or wavy) hair like me, you’ve probably seen your curls lose their shape after exercising or sleeping. If your hair is clean, there’s no need to wash it or wet it down. I’m not sure how, but mark’s Curling Mist brings your curls back to life after just a few sprays. I’ve even brushed out my hair completely and then sprayed it on and was really happy withh the results. The best part? It’s under $6 and available here.

If none of these tips are a match for your rebellious locks, you can’t go wrong with a chic and easy updo like a ballerina bun, chignon or even a simple braid. You’ll look polished, professional and confident – just don’t forget your umbrella!


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