Beach Bag Essentials

Memorial Day means the unofficial start of summer, and with that, beach season! To get the season started off right, here’s a list of my beach bag must-haves to keep you safe, healthy and happy all summer long!


  • Waterproof pouch – Store your phone, camera and anything else you don’t want damaged.
  • Sunscreen – For your face and body. SPF 25+ should be fine, but make sure you reapply after a few hours of direct sun exposure, no exceptions.
  • Lip balm (with SPF) – Nobody likes sunburned lips. Avoid this by reapplying after a swim or if you’ve been sunning for a couple of hours.
  • Beach blanket – We use my boyfriend’s dad’s old army blanket because it’s durable, but any blanket will do as long as you don’t mind it getting a little sandy.
  • Towel – Even if you don’t plan on going swimming, it’s still a good idea to bring one along.
  • Antibacterial gel – Public restrooms aren’t always fully equipped with soap – avoid this by bringing your own.
  • Bandages – Just in case you have a minor cut or scrape they’re good to have on hand and will save you the pain of getting sand in a wound.


  • Water – At least 8oz. I like to freeze mine in a collapsible pouch like this the night before so when you reach the beach, it’s still ice cold.
  • Hummus and carrots – If you plan to spend a few hours at the beach, you’re probably going to get hungry. Avoid looking bloated in your bikini by bringing your own snacks. Hummus is healthy, easy to carry, and won’t spoil in the high heat.
  • Frozen Grapes – Arguably better than regular grapes, these tiny frozen treats are prefect for a long day at the beach, and, if they thaw out, you still have regular grapes to eat.
  • Bota wine box – If your beach allows it – if not, proceed at your own risk. These cardboard containers (similar to a coconut water box) hold up to 4 glasses of wine each, taste great and they’re perfect for sharing!

Hair & Beauty

  • Moroccan Argan oil – I love using this in my every day routine (see more here) but it’s especially good if you’re planning to swim. Saturate your hair before going in the ocean and it will help protect it against the salt water and harsh sun rays.
  • Water spray – A quick and easy way to keep cool all day.
  • Roller eye cream – Refresh your eyes and keep sweat at bay.
  • Deodorant – Don’t be the smelly kid at the beach.
  • Blotting papers – Remove excess sweat and oil instantly.


  • Book or magazine – Even though I typically don’t read that much at the beach, it’s a good idea to take one along just in case you feel like reading a chapter or two.
  • Sun hat or scarf – Either one looks chic, helps protect your face and can tame your wild waves.

4 thoughts on “Beach Bag Essentials

  1. Great list for a fun-filled day at the beach. Btw, that army blanket you mentioned has been used 40+ years by our family. It’s not the prettiest blanket on the beach, but it has seen many beaches!

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