Keys, Please.

I have a lot of keys. And no, I am not moonlighting as a janitor. Shoved on my tiny key ring are my apartment keys, car keys, keys to my parent’s house, luggage keys, and, until very recently, an unidentified key that I finally decided to part with after deeming it useless.

It is a necessary evil – especially after yesterday – when my boyfriend and I had to break into our own apartment because we both left the house without them. Lugging all those the keys around can be bothersome (especially if you’re going to beach!), but it can be even more difficult telling them apart, particularly in the dark.

A blogging friend of mine, Rebecca Kelsey, recently shared a cute, glittery key DIY – perfect for differentiating between my similar-looking keys. I decided to use nail polish instead of paint and liked how they turned out. Now, I can remove a single key and keep in my bag or wallet without worrying if I brought the right one along.


  • Keys
  • Tape
  • Nail polish of your choice
  • Nail polish top coat
  • Workspace (I used a piece of cardboard)

Tape off the bottom section of the key. Apply a thin coat of nail polish (I used Zoya Felicity and Essie Luxeffects for the glitter key and Zoya Izzy for the matte key). Follow up with a second coat if necessary. Wait a few minutes to dry and paint a thin layer of top coat. Let dry for a few hours and remove tape.


2 thoughts on “Keys, Please.

  1. I’m going to try it! It will make finding my keys in the basket at the gym quick and easy. Thanks for the great idea!

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