School Spirit..s

A few months ago, I spent a few weeks filming the new Syfy Network series, School Spirits.

The show is a scary retelling of “true” paranormal encounters at haunted colleges and high schools around the country. What makes this show different is it starts with interviews from real students, alumni, and faculty that experienced the hauntings first hand, and is followed by a full reenactment of the stories.

Although I went to Penn State (where this show was filmed), I didn’t have a ghost encounters of my own to discuss, but I did have a lot of fun filming the sometimes terrifying scenes and dressing the part of a college student from the 1950’s, 80’s and present day.

The next episode, 103: Collision Curse airs on July 11th at 10pm (9 central). If you have a ghost encounter story you’d like to see on SyFy, email


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