Sustainable Fishes

As I mentioned here, I’ve been volunteering at the Maritime Aquarium for a few months now. One of the things that makes this aquarium unique is the focus on the many different species indigenous to our local waters, the Long Island Sound.

It’s this focus that drives our passion for preserving the sound, keeping it free of environmental hazards, an encouraging residents to follow suit. Our suggestions include: using car washes (this eliminates soapy, dirty runoff water from home washing), recycling, of course, and limiting the total amount of plastic and glass usage – all pretty basic green living habits.

While many people incorporate these suggestions in their daily lives, they may not realize that what goes on their dinner plate is just as important as other choices they make. Consuming the “wrong” types of seafood can wreak havoc the environment by promoting overfishing, habitat destruction, and filthy farming conditions.

With so many different types of seafood, knowing which to choose can seem overwhelming and far too time consuming, but, thanks to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program, the work  has been done for you.

Divided by U.S. regions, this free mobile app makes it easy to always have access to smarter choices, and is especially handy at fish markets and restaurants. The guide is updated seasonally and is broken up into three different categories: Best Choices, Good Alternatives and Avoid. By making these sustainable (and tasty!) choices, we can make a difference and reduce our global impact on the sea, no matter where you live.

To learn more about Seafood Watch, visit


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