Vanilla Skies: Homemade Vanilla Extract

Where Brooklyn At? has decided to add video content! Although I have done videos before, I was hesitant to tackle filming and editing by myself. Thanks to a little camera work from my boyfriend, I was able to film a quick video showing you how to make homemade vanilla extract. While this certainly won’t be nominated for any awards, I think it’s a good first step to improving my (nonexistent) editing skills.

For this DIY, you need  just 2 ingredients: vanilla beans and vodka. I recommend using a mid-range vodka (leave the Grey Goose for a cocktail) and if you want to double or triple the recipe, the ratio is 1 cup of vodka to 5 vanilla beans.

Vanilla beans can be pricey, but I purchased the ones shown in the video at Penzeys Spices and found them to be a lot cheaper than the ones sold at the grocery store. If you don’t have a Penzeys near you, you can shop at their online store or check out Amazon grocery.



4 thoughts on “Vanilla Skies: Homemade Vanilla Extract

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