Jem & The Holograms DIY

holgoramFrom a controversial appearance of Tupac at Coachella to the beloved 80’s cartoon streaming on Netflix, it seems holograms are having a moment. Famed designer, Stella McCartney, chose to feature the ethereal iridescence at her Spring 2013 runway show with the Olegram Clutch (shown above).

The Olegram clutch is stunning, but, it retails for a very steep $590 (that’s nearly $200 per dimension..). I decided to go the much cheaper DIY route, and it cost less than $10 to make!

I ordered the holographic film online and used a plastic envelope I found at Staples as the base of the clutch. The envelope was too big for the look I was going for, so I marked off the bottom edge, cut along the line, and used a low temperature glue gun to seal it back it place – but this step is optional.

This clutch is definitely a statement piece and will add a magical 3-D element to any mundane outfit. It’s a great choice if you want to shine on New Year’s Eve and, since it looks spectacular paired with white, you can wear it this season and illuminate your wardrobe all next spring.

I really adore this trend, and I can’t wait to share more easy DIY projects in the future!


Plastic Envelope with Velcro Closure
24″x12″ Holographic Decal Adhesive-Backed Sticker Film
Sharpie Marker

Using a marker, trace the sides of the plastic envelope to the back (white side) of the holographic film and cut out each section (3 total – front, back, and flap) with scissors. Carefully peel and stick the film to the envelope. Starting from the center, smooth out any air bubbles with the palm of your hand, and follow with a ruler or another flat object (a rolling pin would work as well). Trim any excess film from the edges and, voila! Holographic Heaven.




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