NY Fashion Week: Concept Korea

IMG_0811Nemo may have put a damper on my Fashion Week plans, but I managed to attend the Concept Korea show on Thursday night before the storm hit.

Concept Korea was organized by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2010 to and assist Korean designers in breaking into the U.S. fashion market. Five top designers, three men: Choi Bo Ko (CHOIBOKO), Hongbum Kim (CRES. E DIM) and Lie Sang Bong (LIE SANG BONG) and two women: Kathleen Hanhee Kye (KYE) and Son Jung Wan (SON JUNG WAN) were picked represent the fashion scene of Seoul in New York.

It’s no secret that I have a love affair with Seoul, and although I haven’t been back since my visit in 2010, seeing the designer’s collections paired with traditional Korean music and images brought a little piece of Gyeongbokgung Palace home.

For those who didn’t make it to Lincoln Center, here is a roundup of my favorites looks from each designer. To watch the entire show, click here.


CHOIBOKO was the first designer to show. His collection featured velvet leggings, grafitti-inspired tops and sleek black boots. Favorite look (pictured above): This sleek black and red cape with Choiboko’s siganture design of the collection, paired with, again velvet leggings. It’s very wearable, and I definitely intend on rocking a similar look this coming fall.


CRES. E DIM  featured a lot of head to toe black leather and wool looks made more feminine by their silhouettes. Favorite look (pictured above): A voluminous top, wax coated pants and neutral accessories. Love or hate them, crop tops have been featured for at least a few seasons now. I have been hesitant to wear one, for fear of looking wildly inappropriate, but, because of the proportions shown here, it’s a lot less hoochy and definitely more haute. Stick with a plain top and you could wear camouflage pants – another current trend.


It appeared that SON JUNG WAN‘s collection featured real fur – an extremely controversial topic in fashion. Her collection was the most feminine of all five designers, and the looks could easily be recreated – cruelty free – with faux fur embellishments.  Favorite look (pictured above): This dress has a very 90’s gothic, Betsey Johnson-eque feel to it. I love the rich eggplant color, graduated length and jewel toned shoes, but would look equally cool with some lace up boots.


LIE SANG BONG‘s opening wowed the crowd with a futuristic hat that literally lit up the runway. The collection was full of 60’s-inspired geometric prints and reminded me of Jacques Torres’ signature chocolates.  Favorite look (pictured above): This super chic, black and white mod look and a LIGHT.UP.HAT. Amazing!


The final designer to present her collection, KYE, featured graphic prints in mostly earth and sunset tones. Favorite look (pictured above): I could definitely see Megan Draper (from Mad Men) wearing this Jackson Pollock-like splatter print outfit with matching shoes. Being that Megan has inspired an entire collection at Banana Republic, I predict bold colors and prints of the late 60’s are going to be big for all of 2013.

What’s your favorite look from the show? Leave a comment below!


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