February Favorites

For me, February is the month of love. Walter’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, our (unofficial) anniversary, Mardi Gras, IFBCON, and Fashion Week (and Walt’s love, the Superbowl) all fall within this brief month. The weather may be unpredictable, but I’ve learned to appreciate getting snowed in by watching my favorite shows, listening to music, writing, and trying out a new look for spring.

Here’s what’s been keeping me warm and entertained this month.

Overgram – This app allows you to go beyond the now overused Instagram filters and add text to your photos. I’ve used it to add some new life to #tbt pictures, add an inspiring message to travel photos and even updated Where Brooklyn At?‘s header in a less than a minute. (Available at the app store for free or purchase for $1.99 to lose the watermark).

Downton Abbey – I’ve been addicted to this wildly popular period piece ever since Walter heard about it on NPR and recommended it. The exquisite costumes, zingers from the Dowager Countess and the endless drama (that makes my family look like the Tanners) all make for a great show.

I watched both seasons in a matter of days and couldn’t wait for season 3 to premier in the U.S. I got a small taste of the season when I attended a brief screening and q&a session with the cast back in December (where I scored this fab t-shirt), but I had no idea that –  SPOILER ALERT – we would have to say goodbye to two main characters, Lady Sybil and Matthew Crawley. Many people were outraged by their sudden deaths, but given both actors were leaving the show, it left the writers with little options for exit strategies.

I’m interested to see where this will take Mary’s character in the upcoming season, as a new mother and widow, and, although I will miss Matthew, as long as Maggie Smith remains on the show, I will continue to watch.

Blog Brunch – On the first Saturday of every month, I have brunch with 1000’s of bloggers, without ever leaving my house. I make myself a cup of coffee or tea, grab a pen and paper, and keep an active eye on my Twitter feed, because, from 10-11am (PST), four questions are posed to the Blog Brunch community and I’m always amazed by the wise and creative answers. Past topics for brunch have included Finding Your Voice, Personal Branding and From Blog to Business.

If you’re free this Saturday, join in the conversation by using the hashtag #blogbrunch on Twitter and follow the Blog Brunch blog for a full recap of the questions and answers.

Also, make sure you check out my tour of my neighborhood in Brooklyn – Greenpoint at blogbrunch.com.

Diamond Tears – I mentioned these stunning headphones in my IFBCON recap a few weeks ago, and, not surprisingly, they’re at the top of my favorites list this month. Designed by KPOP producer JYP in collaboration with Monster Products, these headphones are not only beautiful, but produce “sound with the clarity of diamonds”.

As someone who travels a lot and uses public transportation regularly, Diamond Tears definitely make my journeys more pleasant by blocking out surrounding noises and immersing me in my music, movie or audio book.  They are collapsible and come with a tour case  that can fit in most handbags, and, with a push of a button (in this case, a mini diamond) you can switch between a call on your iPhone and back to your music.

They are well made and have great features, but, truly, nothing compares to their beauty. I have not seen a picture that does them  justice (including mine above). If you are painfully shy, these might not be for you, because they are flashy and definitely get stares when I’m walking through the subway or wearing them on the train.

If you don’t mind a little extra attention, I can’t recommend Diamond Tears enough. They may be pricey, but are comparable to other high end headphones.

bare escentuals Remix collection – I’ve used bare minerals for about 7 years now (especially in the summertime). I’ve sampled their Buxom line before and was really pleased with the lip plumping gloss, but beyond those two products, I haven’t really explored bare escentuals in full. So, when I got to try the new limited edition spring collection at IFBCON, I was thrilled. I love the packaging and the natural ingredients, and the colors are outstanding. My favorite products from the collection are the eyeshadow palette in The Wild Thing and Flawless Definition Mascara in Aqua Blast – gorgeous greens and blues combine to make mermaid colors! Perfect for spring and adding some life to a dull winter wardrobe for these last few weeks of chill.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!


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