Photo Diary: Create + Cultivate

Ace Hotel Swim ClubYesterday, I showed you my tour of Los Angeles. When I traveled to the West Coast back in October, I also visited the campy-chic town of Palm Springs. Here, I attended Create + Cultivate, a 2 day creative bootcamp run by (No Subject), an L.A.-based PR company.

The two day event, held at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, was packed with interesting workshops from fellow bloggers, DJs, filmmakers, designers, and artists. We did craft projects like making Macarame hangers with Element and flower crowns with the founder of Cult Gaia, to constructing a succulent planter with the Shelter Black team and preparing the Korean delight, kimchi with the adorable duo behind Poketo.

The workshop I was most excited for turned out to be the most fun – a DJ lesson with DJ Alex Matthews, because, honestly, it was just fun scratching records and learning a very basic technique to transitioning songs. I doubt I will be playing Marquee anytime soon, but I have definitely found a new hobby.

I learned the most from filmmaker, Eddie O’Keefe’s captivating speech. He explained how important it is to know your taste because it affects anything you create. For example, when was the last time someone asked you to name your favorite movie, and you responded with “I don’t know”. We should be able to recite our favorites without hesitation and analyze why we like certain films, music and books to get a better understanding of our point of view.

I walked away from the weekend with a refreshing resurgence in creative thought and inspiration, and a newfound love of Palm Springs. If you’re planning on traveling to this vintage getaway spot, I highly recommend staying at the Ace. Not only is the hotel beautiful – in an interesting and quirky way – but you have access to a host of amenities not found at other resorts.

I took full advantage of the free bike rentals, events like Sissy, the signing bingo queen, the two amazing pools, and the open air fireplaces scattered around the property. It’s such a relaxing environment and at the end of the event, it was really difficult for me to leave.

Ace Palm Springs

Angie Poketo

fresh kimchi

Ace Hotel Swim Club Palm Springs

Ace Hotel Pool

Create + Cultivate

Create + Cultivate flower crown


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