Instant {Birthday} Breakfast

IMG_1008My #tbt picture on Instagram this week is from my birthday party at The Palms in Las Vegas five years ago. It was a glamorous, over the top and an extraordinarily fun weekend. My birthdays between then and now have been a lot more mellow and quiet, but this year (by chance), I will be spending my special day flying back from (what I expect to be) a relaxing and happy trip to St. Maarten with some (eek) old college friends.

As I soak up the sun and sea, I will be taking a brief hiatus from blogging, and will return on March 18th. Happy Friday & here are my favorite photos of the week.


{My two favorite rascals.}


{I discovered a new MAKEup brand that gives back 33% of its sales to charity.}


{My favorite Easter candy.}


{The first sign of spring blooming from my Valentine‘s Day present.}


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