Sunday Best

Hey everyone. I have had a rough week. I heard some troubling news concerning my best friend and I caught a pretty nasty case of a stomach flu. I’m still recovering in bed (hence the lack of posts), but as a special treat for being patient during my time away, here is a – never before seen – poem I wrote a few years ago, and my first attempt at poetry (besides a few elementary school assignments).

I hope it encourages you to take some time for yourself this weekend. Happy Friday!


Sunday Best

Monday through Friday,
coffee and the paper,
a Halo bar or toast,
while riding on the subway.
But not Sunday.
Sunday is pancakes and French toast,
Belgian waffles served with fruit.

I sit in the dining room,
dressed up for the church of me.
Taking care,
on the first day of the week.
So I will not forget.

Spending hours reading,
or doing nothing at all,
I take my time.
Savoring every sweet, red raspberry,
never noticing them staining my lips.
I savor the last drop of my morning brew,
well after it has gone cold.

I sip champagne,
and forget about Monday.


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