Photo Diary: Lomography Light Painting

lightpainting1On a frigid cold night, one month ago, I attended a light painting workshop at the Lomography store in The Village. (If you live near a Lomo store, I definitely recommend signing up for a workshop. They’re usually only $10 and it includes a rental camera and a roll of film – a noncommittal way of trying out their products).

What is light painting? 

Light painting – using a light source (such as flashlights, candles, sparklers, etc.) to create ghostly images on lowly lit photographs, mimicking the style of Pablo Picasso’s “Light Drawings”.

Armed with a Diana F+ and no prior knowledge of analogue cameras, my class, led by our instructor Juan, headed to Washington Square Park to capture our images. The air was so cold that night that my fingers became numb, and I wasn’t able to wind the camera between the last few takes. Because of this, I ended up with only four usable photos (c’est la vie). I was also mistakenly given tinted film, so instead of the typical white light, these images have a cool, haunting red color instead – which I actually really like.

I think the first photo is really eerie, and it’s my favorite. What do you think of these images? Have you tried light painting before? Leave a comment below with your images – I’d love to see them!





2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Lomography Light Painting

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