{Instant Breakfast}


{Gorgeous poppies for sale at the Ace Hotel NY.}

Instant Breakfast.. after dinner. Like most people this week, I tried to keep up with the investigation in Boston, but found the oversaturation of media coverage and repetitive nature of the news analysis to be a little maddening. So, between checking my phone for updates, I tried to carry out this week as normal, for the most part.

On Tuesday, my friend Stella and I went to a book launch at a unique store called Story. The store is modeled after a popup shop, but instead of changing venues, the theme and selection of merchandise changes periodically. Story’s theme right now is art, and Caitlin Freeman’s book, Modern Art Desserts combines two of my favorites: confections and iconic art. Stella and I had a glass of bubbly at the event, and enjoyed a “masterpiece of cake”, based on a painting from Piet Mondrian. After the event, we went to Koreatown for dinner and Stella introduced me to the adorable Korean bakery franchise, Tous Les Jour where we sampled more dessert {sigh}.

Yesterday, Walter surprised me with a few early anniversary presents – The Great Gatsby and The Paris Wife books – to prepare for our upcoming 1920’s lawn party, and truffle and porcini mushroom sauce. I used my gift that evening for dinner and made a champagne truffle sauce for the scallops we purchased earlier in the week and it was incredible.

Although the drama seems to be over for the moment, my thoughts are still with the wonderful people of Boston, and I hope we are able to enjoy this weekend safe and sound. Happy Friday!

photo (1)

{Mmm.. Mondrian Cake}


{Fresh prickly pear juice.}


{Throwback to a back to school photoshoot.}


{Seared scallops with champagne truffle sauce. Amazing & homemade!}IMG_1272{A few early anniversary presents from Walter.}


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