Live Below the Line: Day 2 – Fish off the Menu

picstitch (4)The luxury food I was missing most today was coffee, which is in full supply (for free) at the aquarium where I volunteer once a week. Since the Live Below the Line rules state you must include all food and drink into your budget, I had to carve out 28 cents for a well deserved caffeine fix. Overall, though, today was much easier than yesterday – no headaches, and I was able to manage my hunger a lot better during the afternoon hours.

Today’s Menu:

9:30am – 1 cup of aquarium coffee (14 cents) 1 banana (16 cents).

11:30am – After a rather rambunctious school group came in, I treated myself to another cup of coffee (14 cents) and 1 packet of oatmeal (17 cents).

2pm – I usually enjoy walking home, but it was really windy outside and I felt weak as my body was straining to retain its energy. By the time I walked in the door, I was ravenous and wolfed down a serving of lentil stew (44 cents).

5:30pm – With 15 cents to use before dinner, I calculated the cost of my favorite gelato and was able to enjoy a (measly) 1 ounce spoonful. But my taste buds agreed that it well worth the “splurge”!

7pm – 1 package of ramen and 1 egg (25 cents). I had forgotten I left myself an extra 5 cents for to use an additional egg, so I ate my one egg ramen and enjoyed chatting with Tara during dinner. I felt satisfied enough to stay up a little later and finish this post!

Today’s Total: $1.45

To learn more about the Live Below the Line challenge, and donate to help end world hunger, click here.


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