Tried & the Truth: LomoKino


After experimenting with Lomography’s Diana camera (see my images here), in the bitter cold, I (somewhat ironically) tried the LomoKino camera for the first time in the pouring rain.

The LomoKino is a fairly new camera from Lomography that shoots short movies on 35mm film. It’s easy to master the basics – you load the film the same way as most analogue cameras (but backwards) and you’re ready to shoot. The camera’s frame rate is determined by how fast you rotate the crank on the side of the base. Slower cranking results in a more jagged, almost stop-motion like film, and turning it faster will give you a smoother and more fluid movie.

Just like the other Lomography models, the point of using the Lomokino is to capture imperfect, artsy images to make a really creative and vintage-style short film.

While I was strolling through Washington Square Park, I tried to embrace the spring showers by jumping in puddles along the sidewalk. It took me about an hour to shoot and after waiting about a week for my prints and CD, this is the resulting video:

The Truth:

I love the look of the finished product, but before investing in this camera I recommend trying it at a Lomography store (even better if you can attend a workshop). The camera itself is affordable, but after factoring in the cost of each roll of film (~$10) and the processing ($20), it can add up to a significant amount if you plan on shooting often.


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