Take a Hike: Basic Tips


This is the second post in a three part series on hiking. For the first post on gear essentials, click here.

Last year, Walter and I hiked above Multnomah Falls, just outside of Portland, Oregon. This hike was very high on my bucket list, because it is the tallest continuously running waterfall in America, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Walt and I have traveled to numerous places together, but this was our first time hiking as a couple. Luckily, the trail was steep but steady, and we climbed as far as we could (the highest point of the trail was closed, unfortunately).

Whether you’re experienced or brand new to hiking, it’s always a good idea to review the basics. So, today I will share 10 universal hiking tips that can easily be brought along on your hike by printing a hard copy or taking a screenshot on your phone.

  1. Start out slowly, and gradually increase your pace.
  2. Allow the slowest hiker to set the pace – this is especially important when hiking with children.
  3. Research the trails as much as possible by looking at trail maps provided at the site or online before starting.
  4. Hike only on marked trails, and with a group, if possible.
  5. Leave your itinerary with a trusted friend or family member and check in with them upon your return.
  6. Develop an emergency plan before you start your trip. Make sure everyone knows what to do if they become lost or a medical emergency arises. Give children whistles with the instructions to “stop and blow” if they become lost.
  7. Take frequent rests or vary your pace to recover from strenuous activity spurts. A steady pace works best.
  8. Drink plenty of water. Hydrate yourself well before your hike and you’ll be thirst-free and energized.
  9. If you’re bringing a pet, bring water plenty of water for your furry friend, and make sure they are wearing collars and name tags. Don’t rush their pace, and watch out for injuries on their foot pads in rocky, icy, or hot terrain.
  10. Relax, and have fun! It’s not everyday that we get to experience nature in this capacity, so relish in the flora, fauna, and scenery!

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