Wild On Wednesday: Crunch Goes to St. Martin

Day 1: The JourneyIMG_0003

{Crunch says goodbye to NYC!}

IMG_0005{Since this was Crunch’s first flight, he decided to soothe his nerves with a little nip.}

IMG_0019{We finally arrived in St. Martin. Time to soak up the sun!}

IMG_0272{Then, it was time to eat.}

IMG_0048{Perhaps it was the jetlag, or the pasta-induced food coma, but Crunch didn’t seem to hold his liquor very well.}

IMG_0078IMG_0077{Luckily, Crunch was feeling better and awoke just in time to watch the gorgeous sunset.}

Day 2: Friends Arrive!

IMG_0056{The next morning, Walter, Crunch, and I drove to the airport to pick up the rest of our party.}

IMG_0054{We were all excited to travel to the French side of the island, and Crunch and Josiah were great navigators.}

IMG_0057 IMG_0059

{Crunch was getting antsy because we hit some traffic during the drive,}

IMG_0053{And took out his aggression on his new friend.}

IMG_0151{Thankfully, by the time we arrived at the beach, all disputes were forgotten.}

IMG_0163{We all enjoyed the delicious French food at dinner, but I think Crunch was more into the Russian doll.}

IMG_0162{When Momo (the restaurant owner and chef) tried to take the doll away, Crunch didn’t take it so well.}

{After his unsavory behavior, we decided that Crunch needed some alone time, so he explored the island by himself for a few days.}


{I lent him my camera,}


{And Nancy was nice enough to let him wear her sunglasses and hat.}

IMG_0171{He did some sight seeing and souvenir shopping, and on the last day of the trip, he rejoined the group.}

Final Day


{We boarded a catamaran in route to Anguilla. Crunch was fairly well behaved, and made friends with the captain,}

IMG_0230{The crew,}

IMG_0233{And, the other passengers. Fish are friends, not food!}

IMG_0228{However, that good behavior didn’t last long, because Crunch randomly bit a St. Martin cop.}

IMG_0229{But, they too made up in the end.}

IMG_0231 IMG_0232{And Crunch spent the rest of the day having some fun with the boys.}

Where should Crunch go next?


6 thoughts on “Wild On Wednesday: Crunch Goes to St. Martin

  1. This is too funny; I love it! I actually go to St. Martin every year with my family, as my grandparents have a timeshare there, so it was great to see all of your beautiful photos : )

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