Spring Favorites

Spring Favorites

I kind of dropped the ball on updating my monthly favorites, so here is a large roundup of what I’ve enjoyed this spring. Monthly favorites will resume in June 🙂

Mad Men – I’ve mentioned a few times that I haven’t had cable in years, but somehow, I managed to watch almost the entire last season of Mad Men (probably while I was filming this last year). Walter missed out on quite a few episodes, so when season 5 premiered on Netflix, we both binge-watched all 13 episodes in a matter of one weekend.

We both agree that it is the best season to date, and although I’ve missed a great deal of season 6 (minus a few spoilers), I’m eagerly awaiting another Mad Men-a-thon with Walt in a few months.

English Rose Tea, David’s Tea – I discovered this French Canadian tea brand during a trip to Montreal last year and was thrilled when they opened a shop in Westport. I’ve been impressed with quite a few of their teas, but English Rose, a combination of black tea, white chocolate pieces and fragrant rosebuds, had my heart all spring.

Mama Duck Video – A scared mother duck calls for help from the police to rescue her baby ducklings. So incredibly cute. Watch it here.

Gone Girl – While I was reading this book, I was yelling out OMG! whenever another twist was thrown – Walter was concerned at first, but I explained to him I was reading a thriller and the panic subsided. An absolute page turner, perfect for the beach (if you haven’t already read it).

Crystal Deodorant – After reading an article about the dangers of using traditional deodorants, I went to the drugstore to seek out a more natural option and chose the Crystal brand. As far as I can tell, the “coverage” is identical to my former deodorant brand, and the lavender smell is very nice, but knowing that I’m avoiding putting chemicals on my body is by far the best benefit.

Crunch the Shark – You may remember seeing a lovable stuffed shark in this post. I found my old beanie baby at my parent’s house right before my St. Martin trip in March. I decided to pack it in my suitcase, and it resulted in a reoccuring series on this blog. Stayed tuned for Crunch goes to Disneyland!

Talenti Gelato – This gelato (seen here), is next level. My favorite, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, may sound boring, but when vanilla is done right, it has an incredible taste.

Now that spring is almost over, what have you enjoyed most?

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