Generation Beauty: Day 1

gen beauty, michelle phan gen beautyGeneration Beauty: A newly established, two-day gathering of beauty bloggers, YouTubers, and industry professionals in the City of Angels.

The idea for this event came from YouTube beauty queen, Michelle Phan and her YouTube network, FAWN. Like most blogger conferences, there were speakers from all aspects of the beauty community, giveaways from a wide variety of brands, and technical workshops focusing on filming techniques – from the most basic to advanced skills.

My favorite activities of the day were getting my hair braided at the Toni and Guy pop up braid bar, listening to the engaging speakers on the main stage, receiving “honest” compliments from the Honest Tea boys, and meeting one of my favorite vloggers, Bethany Mota (macbarbie07).

Stayed tuned for my recap of day two, tomorrow!

Toni and Guy braid bar


3 thoughts on “Generation Beauty: Day 1

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