{Instant Breakfast} Like a Virgin, virgin.


{Oooh, mood lighting.}

I have many, many pictures from Los Angeles and Generation Beauty this week, so instead of showing any repeats, here are a few choice photos from my virgin flight on Virgin America 😉 and my first order from the delivery service, Plated.

Overall, I’d say flying Virgin is good experience (especially for domestic flights). I enjoyed the mood lighting (although it’s not on for the full flight), and even though I was asked to give up my coveted window seat, as a consolation I was given a few glasses of wine and a pretty fairly good veggie wrap.

I was tempted to use the seat to seat chat feature when I noticed a very handsome young gentlemen making me eyes at me, but I have to say his intense screaming during landing turned me off. In all seriousness, I’d like to fly with Walter or a friend and test out the send a drink feature, especially if there is another screaming child on board.

When I arrived home, there was a box waiting for me with my first plated box. Plated is a delivery service that provides all the raw ingredients you need to make a meal for 2, 4, or 6 people. Unfortunately, they don’t offer vegetarian or vegan meals yet, but since everything is packaged in separate containers, you can omit the ingredients you don’t like or don’t want to eat.

The onion/tomato sauce was spicy and sweet and reminded me of cacciatori sauce. The basmati rice cooked faster than the directions indicated and was light and fluffy. These boxed meal services can be pretty pricey, but it saves a trip to the grocery store and you don’t have to ask the question, “What should I make for dinner?”, since a full recipe is also provided.

On plated’s website, it says they will be introducing vegetarian meals soon, so I’d like to try it out again after they develop those recipes. Happy Friday!


{This passenger seems to think we are on Virgin’s spacecraft.}IMG_1718

{Pretty decent trade.}IMG_1746

{Looks like Zooey’s making dinner tonight.}IMG_1749{My first plated meal c/0.}


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