Generation Beauty: Day 2

IMG_1766The first day of Generation Beauty was exciting, and, as I expected, crazy busy, but Sunday was far less crowded and more relaxed. It was also a shortened day, and while there were fewer speakers than the first day, I found the second day to be the best for networking and connecting with people that I missed on day one.

One prime example of this was getting to meet the Queen B of YouTube, and, in my opinion, the next Oprah, Michelle Phan. I attended the filming workshop with her production team at FAWN, and got to see her direct a makeup tutorial. After the session, she was kind enough to meet with many of the attendees (there were a lot).

I had my nails done at the Nicole by Opi booth, and I revisited the braid bar, and was super happy with how they styled it again (the flowers are real). I also met  up with yet another star YouTuber, Evelina Barry (evelinicutza), and enjoyed a slice of New England with a Connecticut-style (of course) lobster roll from Cousins Maine Lobster food truck.

My overall opinion of the first Generation Beauty event is positive, and while I can’t attend next year (Walter’s brother is getting married!), I plan on going again the following year.

If you were at Gen Beauty I’d love to hear your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Generation Beauty: Day 2

    • There wasn’t a set giftbag. Instead, we were given tickets to go “shopping” at all of the vendor’s booths at the end of each day. It’s a nice idea because you can choose from a few different products and colors at each, but there were long lines and they ran out of a lot of products.

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