Summer List, 2013


Despite what appears to be a rainy summer forecast, I’m still happy as ever to celebrate the summer solstice today.

As a companion of my summer reading list, and last year’s summer goals list, here are the top activities I hope to complete by summer’s end.

  1. Take an evening stroll at least three times a week
  2. Celebrate midsummer by seeing a Midsummer Night’s Dream
  3. Attempt to make baked Alaska
  4. Make and freeze summer tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes
  5. See more Shakespeare with Shakespeare on the Sound‘s As You Like It
  6. Practice at a batting cage (I’ve never been to one!)
  7. Host a beach BBQ
  8. Visit the Bruce Museum Seaside Center
  9. Water gun/balloon fight 🙂
  10. Camp in my parent’s backyard with Alexa
  11. Build a difficult sandcastle
  12. Attend the New Haven Open
  13. Ride on the Essex steam train
  14. Swim with the belugas at the Mystic Aquarium
  15. Tour Gillette Castle
  16. Stop on the Connecticut Wine Trail
  17. Attend a concert at Alive at Five
  18. Kayak and improve my SUP skills
  19. Go Llama Hiking
  20. Become a little more like Katniss Everdeen with an archery lesson
  21. Swim in a swanky hotel pool

What’s on your summer bucket list? And, what’s missing from mine?


One thought on “Summer List, 2013

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