Tried & the Truth: Be Dazzled Hair Jewelry – A Cautionary Tale


It’s not often that I write negatively on this blog, mainly because I believe that if a product doesn’t work for me or I don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else, and I like to try to keep things positive. Today, I deviate from my usual sunniness to write a scathing review of Cala Hair Crystal.

I found these *dazzling* hair gems in the beauty section of a drugstore near Hershey, Pennsylvania (I was visiting). I thought, OK they might be a little juvenile, but this was before I worked up the courage to dyed the tips of hair blue, and was looking for a less permanent way to change up my look.

The crystals cost about $5 and the instructions were easy enough: remove the plastic top sheet, and place the contact sheet, gems side down, on top of the hair strand your want to bedazzle. Using a flat iron, iron in a straight motion all the way down the sheet and hair shaft.

I wasn’t ecstatic with my placement of the gems, but wasn’t too worried about it because it was a fun little experiment, and I knew I could just wash my hair and the gems would be gone… or so I thought.

After I read over the instructions for a second time, I realized I missed the part where it said it can take between 4 days to week for the gems to loosen and fall out (even with shampooing), and they weren’t kidding.

During this very long week in Montreal, I was trapped in a jewel-encrusted prison. I was unable to brush, comb, or style my hair in any way (besides adding a hat) and every time I tried to pull the little bastards out of my hair, I was treated to seeing another hair strand get plucked with it.

The suggested alternative to waiting for the gems to naturally fall out was applying alcohol directly to the gem, which only further damaged my hair and it too made a hair strand fall out each time.

Why on earth they would think days and days of gemmed hair that cannot be brushed is a good idea is beyond me, because after more than one day without brushing, my hair looked like a crazy, disheveled mess.

I managed to pluck the crystal out just as we were arriving at border patrol. “Did you leave anything in Canada, ma’am?”. Yes, my heavy frustration.

The truth:

Under no circumstances should you buy this product!!!!!


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