Tried & the Truth: Spa Castle

spa castle queens ny


I, along with four friends, visited Spa Castle, a Korean-style day spa, located in College Park, Queens.

After purchasing our tickets ($35 on weekdays, $45 on weekends), we were escorted to a single gender locker room, asked to remove our shoes (this is required), and place them in a shoe locker.  Next, we were given a mandatory uniform – an unflattering combination of a baggy t-shirt and long pink shorts (seen above) that must be worn unless you are in the pool area or locker room.

If you’re afraid to be around nudity, or shy about getting nude yourself, you may want to skip this spa altogether. In the locker room you will  bombarded with all shapes, sizes, and ages of nakedness, and forget about showering, because they are located within the nudity required area.

If after all of this, you still find yourself wanting to visit the Spa Castle, let’s proceed to the relaxation. Scattered among the five floors of the spa are saunas, “relaxation” (read: sleeping rooms), indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, snack bars, regular bars, and a few restaurants.

My group chose to hit up the pool first. All of the pools are heated year-round and despite the chilly and overcast weather we were experiencing, I still found the pools to be pleasantly warm (for which, I’m sure the swim up bar helped with).

After the dip and drinks, we went to “Sauna Valley” and tried all seven of sweaty, but gorgeous saunas and retreated to the ice land room when things got a little too hot (read the temperature before entering!).

Then, it was time for lunch. There are several options for food, and we all chose the salad bar, which wasn’t cheap, but it was fresh and healthy, and probably assisted with detoxing.  A few minutes later, I experienced a food coma , so when the group split up,  I rushed to the relaxation room for a  long nap.

My time was limited after this because Walter and I were driving to Philly to visit his parents, so for the last few hours I was there I swam in the outdoor pool and dried off in the saunas before showering and calling it a day.


Spa Castle is a clean and beautiful spa. It is very similar to the traditional spas in South Korea.  The food, and especially drinks are overpriced (there is a $2.50 charge for each drink that is NOT listed on the menu), but it is extremely relaxing, and the ticket price is low, so if you mind your spending a little, it’s a perfect place to spend a day with your friends, both female and male.


2 thoughts on “Tried & the Truth: Spa Castle

  1. There is also a great Korean Spa in Palisades Park, NJ. We tried it a couple of weekends ago both got the body scrub. Loved it. Thought I would be afraid of the naked all around, but after a few minutes I was fine. My husband said he just spent two hours with over 30 other naked men. A first for him … but we’ll be back.

  2. P.S. signed-in under my husbands name, but this is his wife writing the comments. You are lucky to have friends to go with, I think it would have made it more fun in the spa area.

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