4 for the 4th: Beach Games

Chess? Checkers?

Happy Independence Day!

Like many Americans, your plans for today might include a trip to the seashore. I don’t know about you, but I find laying on the beach all day to be a bit boring, so I’m always looking for different activities to keep myself entertained.

I usually bring a book and a few magazines, and with Walter’s suggestion, throw around a frisbee for a while. I also recommend picking up a deck of waterproof cards (like this set of gorgeous gold ones) or using the resources around you to make a beach-friendly chess and checkers board!

Beach Chess

  • 1 sandy beach
  • 32 small shells, rocks, sea glass and other natural finds
  • 1 bucket of ocean water
  • 1 stick or straw (to draw the board lines)

Choose a spot on the sand that won’t easily get washed away at high tide. Collect the bucket of ocean water, and pour over desired playing area until sand is slightly wet and malleable.

Using the stick or straw, draw 8 lines across the board in both directions. Place found items onto each board piece, using the biggest pieces for the most coveted players (i.e. largest for king, following with the queen, all the way down to the smallest for the pawns).

Once your pieces are set, let the games begin!


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