Tried & the Truth: Seasons 52




Every Christmas, for the last few years, my mom has given me a gift certificate to a different restaurant. Being that they are usually from chain restaurants, they’ve come in handy on roadtrips (especially coming back from Canada).

This year, my giftcard was valid at a few different restaurants, one of them being  Seasons 52. I had never been to restaurant at the time, but I remember Seasons being a popular spot in Orlando because of its atmosphere and low calorie menu items.

Walter and I decided to redeem the card when driving back from his parents’ house outside of Philadelphia (roadtrip). It was cold, and damp outside, so, right away, I was happy to see a roaring fireplace and cozy low lighting. We were there at a strange time (around 5pm), so it wasn’t very busy.

At my first glance of the menu, I noticed a wine flight and flabread special. Every day from 3-6pm you can choose any three wines (from a list of 8) a flatbread (read: thin crust pizza) of your choice for $15. Walter and I both chose this option and we picked out six different wines for a good variety.

I wasn’t impressed with the flatbread. We ordered the special, Greek lamb, but the meat was fibrous and chewy, and the other ingredients left a lot to be desired (even though it looks great in the photo).


No worries though, because we both enjoyed our wines and the appetizers that followed, seafood ceviche and roasted beets with wasabi. The ceviche was very fresh and the beets were just spicy enough and had a great mouthfeel.


For our main meal, Walter and I both chose salads. I had the lemongrass salmon salad and Walter ordered the tuna crunch salad, and both were delicious (especially the salmon).


We were pretty full, and on fence about ordering dessert, when our server came back to the table and told us that because it was our first visit, our desserts would be on the house (score.).

Most of the ‘Mini Indulgences” would not be low cal or healthy as a full sized dessert, but the tiny shot glass portions are a creative way to keep the calories and guilt down. Walter picked the (amazing) tropical cheesecake and I went a little healthier with the fresh fruit, which was also tasty.

IMG_6445The Truth:

I try to support local businesses whenever possible, so eating at chain restaurants is not something I do often. However, if you’re traveling and want to eat significantly better, tastier, and healthier food than absolutely any fast food joint or diner, I highly recommend Seasons 52. And, I didn’t have beer with dinner, but I checked the list, and they get an extra thumbs up for serving craft beer.

Have you tried this restaurant? Let me know in the comments!


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