DIY Watermelon Keg & Cocktail

watermelon keg

On Saturday, Walter and I hosted a barbecue for a few of our friends at the beach, and we couldn’t have asked for better company, weather, or scenery. 

Walter was the grill master of the day, and fired up both veggie and beef burgers for our hungry crowd (despite losing some to the “grill gods”). We also had some great additions from our friends including corn and avocado salad, organic marinated chicken, and some very tasty chocolate chip cookies.

For drinks, we decided to forgo glass bottles (and a $77 fine), and came up with an idea to use of my favorite summer fruits, watermelon.

The watermelon keg was definitely the hallmark of the picnic table, and the simple drink recipe we used was a huge crowd pleaser (we kicked the “keg” about an hour into the BBQ).

Making the keg takes a little bit of patience, but it was a lot quicker to assemble than we thought (thanks to Walt’s superb engineering skills). Carrying, it on the other hand (did that make you think of Dirty Dancing?) was a little tricky, (which explains the missing chunk from the lid, whoops) so I definitely recommend adding the liquids after you reach your destination.






Watermelon Keg

  • 1 large seedless watermelon
  • A sharp knife
  • A large spoon
  • A large bowl
  • A pen or marker
  • 3/4-inch drill bit
  • 1 beer shank kit

Position your watermelon so it stands one end (if it wobbles, slice a thin piece off the bottom to steady it). Cut a circular lid on the top, similar to carving Halloween pumpkin. Remove the lid from the watermelon and set aside.

Scoop out all of the watermelon fruit and with a large spoon, and place it all into a bowl. Mark the area you want to drill the hole for the faucet with a pen. Gently twist the drill bit into the base of the melon.

Carefully insert the shank into the melon. Don’t try to force it in or else the melon might crack. If you need to widen the hole slightly, use the tip of a sharp knife, but be aware that the shank needs to fit very tightly in order to not leak.

Once the shank is in place, slide the O-ring on along with the adapter. Make sure that everything is tight and check for any leaks, by running some water through the melon first. Once you confirm that it is in working condition, you’re ready to make the cocktail!


Watermelon Cocktail

  • Seedless watermelon flesh
  • 1 cup vodka
  • Blender
  • Fine mesh sieve

Blend watermelon chunks until smooth. Strain, using the mesh sieve, into a pitcher. Add vodka and refrigerate until ready to pour into the keg.





7 thoughts on “DIY Watermelon Keg & Cocktail

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  2. GREAT IDEA! Tried it and it worked peefectly. Used a different cocktail with VeeV. Any more ideas? Thanks.

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