Skinny, Sparkling Espresso Float

FRAPP-PAP4Although I consider myself to be a bit of a coffee purist, plain black coffee can become tiresome day after day. There are of course, several frosted and sugary options available at local coffee shops, but they are not very friendly to my wallet or waistline.

This drink offers a bit of sweetness (which is optional), but it is tempered by the healthy and naturally calorie-free mineral water, that will help hydrate you, as well as and mellow some of the sometimes bitter espresso taste.

The sparkling water also gives the drink an indulgent, frothy texture, but it is dairy-free (and vegan).

You can make this drink at home (if you have an espresso machine or Aeropress), or simple order an espresso shot from your barista in a tall glass (most good coffee shops sell sparkling water at the counter) and enjoy!

Sparkling Espresso Float

  • 1 shot of espresso
  • 1 pump of praline syrup (optional)
  • 1 bottle of cold sparkling mineral water

Make or purchase a single espresso and pour into a tall glass. Add the praline syrup, and follow with the sparkling water (up to the top of the glass). Serve with fresh fruit and a macaron (I recommend salted caramel).


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