Tried & the Truth: Queens Archery

katniss everdeen bow and arrow

katniss everdeen archery lessonqueens archery


Katniss Everdeen, with her eternal courage, strength, and kick ass archery skills, is the current leader of female role models for girls and young women.

I too fell prey to the hype surrounding The Hunger Games protagonist, and decided to channel my favorite heroine by signing up for an archery lesson at Queens Archery. I purchased a Groupon that included a lesson, rental equipment, and a $10 credit for future use.

Dressed in my best Katniss-esque attire, I drove down to Flushing, NY last night for my introductory lesson. Due to an overwhelming amount of traffic on 95 (summer Sundays…), I arrived late, but the instructor, Mike, quickly filled me in on the proper safety precautions (removing my jacket was step one since, he explained, it would get in the way).

I was outfitted with a standard compound bow, but, despite being right handed, my left eye is more dominant, so I switched to a lefty bow.

After learning the basics, I stepped up to the line (the 10 yard instead of the 5 because of my tardiness), for my first shot. It was intimidating at first – the weight of the bow in my hand, the sharp arrow, and the pressure of the string on my cheek – all made me  a little nervous, but after my initial timidness, I really found it exhilarating.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, I don’t plan on going pro anytime soon, but I’ve found a new hobby that can come in handy, especially if we ever face a zombie apocalypse.


If you live in the NYC area, I recommend trying out a lesson for yourself. It’s fairly inexpensive, challenging, and a very unique date idea. Since Queens Archery is located indoors, it’s possible to make archery a year round activity, a promotes a healthy level of competition with your friends or significant other.

To learn more about Queens Archery and their facilities, click here, and visit them on Facebook


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