Loca for Lorca

leyla dam lorcaJust like craft beer, good coffee can be a little difficult to find outside of large cities. Fortunately, Connecticut seems to be slowly adapting to the single origin trend with shops like Blue State in New Haven and espresso NEAT (my former employer) in Darien.

It was at NEAT that I met a lovely young lady, and fellow Brooklyn transplant (by way of Spain), Leyla Dam. Leyla mentioned early on in our friendship of wanting to open a churro shop sometime in the near future.

Given her love of good food and coffee, and obsession with perfecting her recipes, it was a natural fit, and last fall she opened Lorca, named for the Spanish poet and playwright, Federico García, in Stamford, CT.

lorca stamford churros

Lorca is centrally located downtown on a busy street dotted with restaurants, bars, and one of CT’s best indie movie theaters, Avon Cinema. The shop is spacious, extremely well lit from the large storefront windows, and full of interesting art pieces like the LED sign, (seen above) created by Leyla’s brother, Cris, a local artist,

The signature drink, a cortado, is made from the freshest espresso beans via the LA-based craft roasters, Handsome Coffee, but do yourself a favor and don’t leave without trying the shop’s true specialty (they are absolutely worth the calories).

Light, crispy, and airy, Leyla’s churros are heavenly on their own, but are truly decadent with the addition of the rich and sweet chocolate and dulce de leche dipping sauces. They are all made to order, so they are always fresh, and piping hot.

You may be tempted to order the small size (3 churros), but speaking from experience, this will leave you wanting more, and perhaps at an inconvenient hour, so I definitely recommend ordering 6 (or 10).

In fact, I’m beginning to regret writing this article without some churros for myself, but, thankfully, Lorca is easily accessible by car or train (Metro North services), offers plenty of seating, free WiFi, and open daily (times varies, so check the website).


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