Tried & the Truth: Phyto Universe



Oasis: A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation.

High above the tourists and stressed businessmen on Lexington Avenue lies Phyto Universe, a true oasis of a spa. From the gorgeous private treatment cabins, to the absolutely stunning 3,000-square-foot tropical garden wall, it’s clear this space was meant for true relaxation.

Unlike most spas and salons, this flagship space for the luxury hair and skin care brand Phyto doesn’t offer hair cuts or colorings. Instead, they focus on hair treatments using the nourishing Phyto products.

Phyto was founded in 1967 in France, and has been committed to using sustainable ingredients since its inception. Natural plant extracts (many found from the plants growing right in the spa) are the main ingredients in every product, and the packaging is made from aluminum and glass, not earth-harming plastic.

I found myself at this amazing place after purchasing a Bloomspot certificate for a 90 minute hair treatment. My first encounter of greatness was with the amazingly friendly and attentive receptionist, Charles. He extremely pleasant on the phone, and even nicer in person. After Charles checked me in, he introduced me to my stylist for the session, Marina, and during the first few minutes of our interaction, it seemed as though we had been friends for years.


The first part of the treatment was an in depth examination of my hair and scalp. A large magnifying instrument inspected every follicle, and enlarged it by 200%. On the computer screen in front of me, I could see any small amount of damage, dandruff, built up, or split ends. I’ve been pretty nice to my hair in recent years (except for a short bout with Manic Panic on the ends), and I got a “not bad” from Marina, which I took as a compliment.

After the hair analysis, Marina led me to one of the cabins for my treatment. First, she brushed my hair with a wooden paddle brush, then massaged a mixture of oils into my scalp.


Then, she set up a steam machine, and I was left to relax, and drink some tea while the oils penetrated my scalp. After about 20 minutes, she returned, and rinsed the oils off and applied a hydrating treatment to my hair.

Marina then shampooed, and conditioned my hair with more restorative Phyto products, and after a rinse and blow dry I was left with beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair!



The treatment is pricey without purchasing a discount deal, but in addition a guarantee of soft, shiny hair, you also get to experience a mini getaway – all for around $100.

Note: If you do get a chance to visit the spa, don’t pass by the beautiful little perfumery by the elevators that sells premium Caron products. The chandeliers and exquisite perfume decanters are worth a look alone, and the cygnet down powder puff ($65, pictured above) is the softest material I’ve ever felt. EVER.


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