Proper Attire: Tennis

tennis attire

Aside from the obvious benefits: aerobic and anaerobic fitness, enjoying time outside, and socializing, one huge bonus of playing tennis is wearing really cute clothing.

White is still usually the standard at more upscale courts and country clubs, but even tennis’ greatest stars are sporting every color of the rainbow and different patterns, fabrics and cuts.

While I fully support expressing yourself through fashion, the material and flexibility of your workout clothing should be a top priority. Many brands offer an amazing hybrid of style and function, but it usually comes at a very high cost.

A limited budget shouldn’t limit your workouts, and that’s where Ellie comes in. They offer high quality fitness clothing for all types of sports: running, yoga, hiking, and now, tennis for a fraction of what you’d pay at a sporting goods store.

For just $50 (+ free shipping!), you will receive a complete sports outfit of your choice. And, with the launch of their signature collection of high end clothing, the price remains the same, but you receive 1 piece.

My favorite of this month’s collection (including Ellie Signature) has to be the Marquise Dress. Not only is it cute, but it provides SPF coverage, sweat-wicking material, and slimming side panels.

Have you tried out Ellie Signature? What do you like to wear while playing tennis? Let me know, below!



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