Clamdles – DIY Clam Shell Candles

At this point in the summer (yes, it’s still summer), you may find yourself with a plethora of sea shells collected from your sunny travels. While there really is no poor way to display your beach treasures, my favorite is turning them into beautiful and function candles.

You can use you any type of shell you like, but deep shells, like scallops, clams, and quahogs work best and burn the longest. Finding wicks and wax can be as easy as a drive to a local craft store (or quick Amazon search), but I like to use old candles that are difficult to light and have gone unused.

Another option is to buy a large (inexpensive) bag of tea lights, and remove the wicks prior to melting the wax and place into the shells.

Whatever method you use, I hope you enjoy making these candles and I would love to see your finished projects! Tweet me a picture at @ginazammit or tag me on Instagram!

seashell candles

Clam Candles

  • Large shells
  • Soy wax (or old candles)
  • Wicks
  • Wax paper
  • Tin foil
  • Essential oil scents (optional)

Scrub the shells clean in a weak solution of Oxyclean and water, and leave overnight. Remove shells from solution, dry with paper towels, and set “cup” side up on to a sheet of wax paper.

Next, melt fresh wax pieces or existing candles on top of a double boiler lined with foil (this will save you A LOT of clean up later – I learned this the hard way!). If you’re using unscented wax, add a few drops of a beachy scented oil (ex. sandlewood) of your choice.

melting wax

When the wax melts and become liquidity, remove from double boiler and very carefully pour into shells. Quickly add the wick to the shells before the wax dries, and secure into place by pushing down into the center.

When the wax has dry completely, you’re ready to light your candles!

These #shells are on fire!

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