Wild On Wednesday: Purrfect Style

photo (8)

Cat Beanie, Etsy / Metal Cat Ears, Etsy

Cat ladies have a terrible reputation, and it’s often rightfully so (lady downstairs, I’m looking at you). But, when I spotted some feline inspiration on the runway at shows like Mark Jacobs and Givenchy, I couldn’t resist rocking a few purrfect items.

The good thing about this trend is unlike the real thing, collecting these cats won’t result in ASPCA raid à la Pet Hoarders (and yes, I have a cat).

Wearing something this bold can be a challenge, but pairing one cat accessory (please don’t wear them all at once!) with a simple outfit can give you a powerful, and feminine look that’s more haute than Halloween.

Are you into this wild trend? I’d love to see your best cat fashions on Instagram, and be sure t ocheck out more Fancy Feline inspiration on IFB, here.

photo (10)

From left: Loafers, Ebay / Dress, Forever 21 (unavailable) / Ring, Etsy / Costume: DIY


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