Raspberry Picking + Cold Raspberry Soup Recipe

ct raspberriesSeptember is known for apple season, but it’s also prime raspberry picking month here in CT.

In true democratic form, last summer, we picked Walter’s favorite fruitin NJ, and this year, we drove a little north of New Haven to pick mine.

The farm, Bishop’s Orchards is located in Guilford. We went on labor day, so we avoided any raspberry crazed crowds and got our pick of the best berries on the vines.

It’s funny how different our personalities can be – even when it comes to something simple like foraging. I like to take my time and walk by several bushes, choosing a few ripe berries along the way – “shopping”. Walter, however, had a full basket long before mine was half full 🙂

Of course, I was also the photographer for the day, so that slowed me down, along with nibbling a few overripe specimens I picked accidentally (sometimes).

raspberry picking


ct raspberries

raspberry picking ct

raspberry picking We picked for about an hour and yielded over 5 pounds of raspberries, which cost us $20 (for those wondering).

Although incredibly delicious, raspberries (who are a relative to roses – who knew!), don’t keep very well, even in the refrigerator, so I only had a few days to use them, or lose them.

Aside from eating them raw for breakfast daily, I made raspberry brownies, raspberry chia seed pudding, and a refreshing raspberry chilled soup.

Most cold soups are very sweet, seem more like dessert, and are lacking the fresh berry taste I’m craving. So for this recipe, I used two parts raspberries, one part almond milk, and a splash of lemon juice to add enhance the tart flavor.

Instead of a baby pink color, this soup has a rich red hue and kept me hydrated and cool during this month’s heat wave.

chilled raspberry soup

Cold Raspberry Soup

  • 2 cups raspberries
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • Splash of lemon juice

Combine all ingredients, blend, and chill for at least 30 minutes. Serve with fresh raspberries on top.

walter raspberry picking bucket

ct raspberry farms

raspberry haul ct

ct raspberries


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