Ten Random Facts About Me


1. This first and only time I’ve ever eaten at a Sizzler was in Korea.

2. My last name, Zammit, is a Maltese name (probably why you don’t meet too many of us) and means friendship.

3. However, a recent DNA test (from ConnectMyDNA.com) reported my heritage as Swedish and Irish.

4. I like desserts, but I cannot eat sweet things for breakfast (except for fresh fruit).

5. I was at least 16 or 17 years old before I was aware that live shrimp do not look like shrimp cocktail.

photo (15)

6. I managed to get through my entire childhood and teens years without breaking a bone, but swiftly broke my fifth metatarsal at age 20.

7. Since college, I’ve gone vegetarian a few times. Right now, I’m an omnivore, but I try to eat a plant based diet with meat as a “sometimes” food.

8. My first byline was a New York City top ten list in AAA Traveler Magazine. See it here.

9. I have extremely vivid dreams and they often involve random people from my past (ex. some of my high school classmates).

10. While I was a lifeguard at Disney, I actually got to save a few kids (and, most recently at the aquarium).


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