September Favorites

September Favorites
And, did I mention it’s cute?
September is famous for beautiful weather, apple picking, Vogue’s most exciting issue, and sharing two of the best seasons of the year. This month, due to Fashion Week and the “school year renewal”, I’ve been quite fashion-obsessed (you will notice this theme below) and savoring life’s little luxurious whenever possible.
And, did I mention it’s cute?
Here are some of my favorite things for this beautiful month.
And, did I mention it’s cute?
J Crew Horsing Around Sweatshirt – I’m not sure why it’s labeled as a sweatshirt on the website, because this adorable preppy jumper is definitely sweater material. Lightweight enough to wear in early fall (apple picking, anyone?), and loose enough to layer over a button down shirt when the weather begins to get icy. And, did I mention it’s cute?
And, did I mention it’s cute?
Tangle Teezer Brush – As someone cursed blessed with curly hair, it can be challenging to keep it healthy, strong, and frizz free. For me, this meant no wet brushing (fearing it would cause breakage), so I was left with two inconveinent options – combing through in the shower somewhat successfully, or battling with it after towel drying (most often, my hair won out).

I was skepitcal when I saw this strange looking brush featured on Amazon, promising to be a miracle detanger that doesn’t damage wet hair, but I was thrilled by the results after just one use.

It almost magically glides through my hair, and I’m left with tangleless, shiny hair every time.

Kate Spade Saturday Half-Tee Swim Top – A sweater and a swimsuit both in the same month? Only in September. Why do I like this suit? Definitely not the tan lines it leaves! What I do like about is it’s design – secure and comfortable enough for more active water sports (a few I mention here), but chic enough to also wear poolside.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel – I received a copy of this documentary in my giftbag at IFBCON, but sadly, I left it at the W afterparty. I didn’t know anything Anna Wintour’s predecessor before watching this film, but Diana jumps off the screen in an almost Julia Child-like way.

This doc is light, airy, and fun. It keeps an upbeat pace going through Diana’s life and career. Her first writing venture, a column, Why Don’t You? is as wonderfully eccentric as the woman herself, and it was fascinating to see her evolution from a New York party girl in 1920’s to respected editor.

If you love fashion, please watch this film!

Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Bath & Shower Gel, Midnight Tuberose – I can only describe the smell of this body wash as intoxicating. I picked it up from – all places – the sale bin at Whole Foods and when I took a shower later that evening, I wondered what other products they offer in this scent (sadly, none).

Tuberose is night blooming flower, and a member of the agave family (yup, same as the sweetener). Its scent is described as creamy, fresh, and carnal. Perfumer Roja Dove even called tuberose the “harlot of perfumery”. Works for me.

Banana Republic Circle Skirt – During the summer between graduating from college and finding a job, I worked at Banana Republic. As far as retail goes, it was a pretty nice place to work, and I was able to purchase quite a few items for my imminent corporate job.

Blame it on the two hour Muzak mix on repeat, but I haven’t really returned to the store since. But, before my inpromtu Whole Foods trip after the New Haven Open (seen here), I stopped in next door to look around.

The skirt is available now (on sale – yeah!) on BR’s website, and is a good basic piece to pair with a sweater (like the one mentioned above) for the chilly/warm weather we’ve been having daily.



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